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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New from the Worm Ladies of Charlestown

Your best resource for everything vermiculture!

You can't buy fertilizer this good; you have to make it!  Ben Bell,
designer of the Hungry Bin

The Worm Ladies are now suppliers of The Hungry Bin which originated in New Zealand.


Each Hungry Bin can:

Compost up to 4 lbs.of waste a day using compost worms

-Deliver up to a quart of worm tea a week that can be diluted up to 10:1 due to its nutrient rich potency, Rocket Fuel for your home garden!

-Provide a tray of worm castings every 2 to 4 months which can be sprinkled around plants or added to soil providing the best natural soil enhancer there is!

-Save the homeowner hundreds of dollars on soil enhancer per year. Make your own natural soil enhancer by composting from your home worm farm.

The tide is rising worldwide to get back to honest, locally grown organic fruit and vegetables that are raised in a cost effective manner, reducing the strain on the environment. People from backyards to community gardens are discovering that using natural fertilizer from worm composting at home is a cost effective path to producing great organic crop yields. Why buy compost and fertilizer for your garden when you can make your own at home using compost worms in your Hungry Bin? Why give away your free compost and soil enhancer to the landfill or city council, let Hungry Bin transform it for you.

Hungry bin is ideal for class programs looking to reduce school waste from cafeterias and other organic waste streams and compost them onsite into the best worm casting soil enhancer you can buy, naturally! Hungry Bin can help assist with school composting programs for all age groups while providing the best worm tea and worm castings for growing great natural food for cafeterias. Each Hungry Bin can produce up to 1 quart of liquid fertilizer per week, (which can be diluted 10:1 due to its natural potency) all while reducing school waste management costs.

Commercial Greenhouse and Farm operations consume a lot of fertilizer, many of them produced from petrochemical products, to meet the pressure of constant crop yields. Why not recycle plant and other onsite green waste into natural nutrient-rich fertilizer that can boost crop yield and nutrition, while saving money on overhead supplies? Hungry bins can be supplemented with a range of organic wastes to calibrate your specific fertilizer ratio requirements. For example seaweed can be added to ensure the completed soil enhancer contains trace nutrients like selenium and iodine.  

Although institutions and commercial/industrial facilities contribute large amounts of food waste to landfills, businesses can choose to reduce waste on site into highly nutritious worm tea and worm castings. Hungry Bin provides a great opportunity for Commercial Composting for all businesses to assist with waste reduction.

When organic waste is processed on the premises, food scraps, and select paper products (shredded paper and cardboard) are transformed into high quality liquid fertilizer and worm castings, which can support landscaped areas on site.

The Hungry Bin waste reduction system does not require power, water or a sewerage connection like many other organic waste processing solutions. When installed, it has almost no on-going costs other than labor.

The Worm Ladies Hungry Bins and Red Wiggler Worms can be seen at Earth Care Farm in Charlestown, Rhode Island or at The Worm Ladies location.

The Worm Ladies can meet with your team to determine your needs. We can install a multi-unit Hungry Bin worm farm system to manage your organic waste stream using standalone or custom built metal framing options. Please contact us to hear about our affordable worm farm packages and school waste reduction solutions for institutions of all sizes, helping to meet sustainability targets while saving you money. Learning about sustainable practices is critical for everyone; why not let The Worm Ladies make it fun!

The Hungry Bin is designed to be highly efficient, easy to use and require very little space. Individual units can be fitted onto a custom rack, meaning reducing waste can be done efficiently  for any sized business. Twenty-four units fit into a standard car parking space and will process up to 18 tons of waste per year.

161 East Beach Road Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813