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Monday, February 19, 2018

Algiere wants Kettle out

Charlestown Senator Dennis Algiere wants fellow Republican ousted for "abhorrent behavior"
By Will Collette

State Senator Dennis Algiere (R-Westerly) serves as the Republican Minority Leader. He also represents the southern half of Charlestown.

Today, he responded to the indictment of fellow Republican Nick Kettle (R-Coventry) for extortion and video voyeurism. Algiere has called for Kettle to resign and, if he doesn't, pledged to work with Democrats to kick Kettle out of the General Assembly.

Kettle was arrested last Friday and spent the weekend at the ACI, where I am sure he had a great time.

The charges brought by the Attorney General allege that Kettle, 27, attempted to bully and extort one of the teenage Senate Pages, a young man, into having sex with him in 2011. He was also charged with distributing "revenge porn" of his ex-girlfriend.

What is it with these Republicans and sex with minors? I'm sure Kettle will find some backwoods preacher who will come forward to say it's OK because it's in the Bible, although not all of it. Yeah, the Judge Roy Moore defense.

Here's what I predict: Kettle will start off by blaming the victims. Then he'll blame some sort of illness and offer to go into rehab. Then he will get a job in the Trump White House since he has clearly shown he would fit right in.