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Monday, August 13, 2018

CONTEST: Trump’s new Space Force is going to need a logo

Let the Great Logo Race for Trump's Idiotic Space Force Begin...

Supporters of President Donald Trump were invited by the "Trump Make America Great Committee" on Thursday to vote on their favorite logo design for the president's "ridiculous," "wasteful," and "idiotic" Space Force, but as it turned out many people across the internet were unsatisfied with the choices provided.

And so began the great Space Force Logo Race of 2018.

But is Space Force just a ruse? A distraction? A con?
Evidence points to: yes. As journalist Rhett Jones writes for Gizmodo:

No one but defense contractors and their accountants knows why America needs a Space Force.

But moments after announcing the new U.S. military branch, the Trump campaign gave us a hint at this arguably idiotic idea’s true purpose: Lining the campaign’s pockets.

At this point, it’s a tired cliché to claim the president is just trying to distract us from his scandals when he does something really stupid.

As we speak, he’s trying to make it easier to poison our kids, his secretary of commerce appears to be a world class grifter, his former campaign manager is probably going to jail for what can best be described as “crimes,” and he can’t stop building an obstruction of justice case against himself.

That’s just stuff that happened this week.

But no, I don’t believe the Space Force initiative—which will only happen if Congress funds it—is a calculated distraction.

It appears to be more of a fundraising con game.

According to, "Only Trump's campaign donors can officially vote for a logo via the email sent directly from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee."

But it was too late. The race for the great Space Force logo was already underway.

Editor's note: Obvious Catch-22. This is so dumb and Trump wins every time you write about Space Force. See more logos by searching "Space Force Logo" on Twitter.

Continue to see more contenders.