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Friday, November 20, 2020

Our local Trump channel hit by COVID

Turn Off Ten And Keep Far Far Away

By BETH COMERY in Providence Daily Dose 

Surprise, surprise. There’s been a Covid outbreak at local NBC affiliate, WJAR-TV, the station owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, a.k.a. Trump TV.

According to the ProJo, anonymous sources are reporting that at least six people have tested positive in the last two weeks.

One person who would go on the record was Fletcher Fischer, the business manager for a union representing WJAR employees.

. . . Fletcher Fischer, the business manager for a union representing WJAR employees, confirmed that several cases have popped up this month.

Fischer said WJAR has been slower than other stations to react to the concerns of the bargaining unit. For instance, more people have to work there in person compared to other stations, Fischer said.

If your grandparents keep uttering insufferable nonsense and dangerous lies — Did Dr. Fauci create Covid-19? — the Turn-to-10 crew probably had a lot to do with that.

Last May they were fined $48 million by the FCC for a variety of transgressions.

Sinclair is one of the media outlets who, like Fox News and OAN, can hardly be thrilled at the prospect of our future ex-president starting up his own network. Good, let them tear each other apart.

Fortunately we have choices. From the ProJo:

Meanwhile, ABC 6 and WPRI 12 have both taken steps to have more of their staffers work remotely as a precautionary safety measure while state sees COVID upticks, according to people who work at those stations.