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Friday, July 30, 2021

Richmond’s Beaver River is now no-kill “catch and release” only

New Freshwater Fishing Regulations Take Effect July 31

The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announces that new Rhode Island Freshwater Fishing Rules and Regulations (Title 250, Chapter 60. Part 10) will take effect statewide on Saturday, July 31. Two changes pertain to the Beaver River, as follows:

• Section 10-6.1-16: The Beaver River in Richmond is now designated as a no kill, "catch-and-release only" area. This includes the portion from the confluence of the Beaver River and the Pawcatuck River, located downstream of Shannock Hill Road, Richmond, upstream to New London Turnpike, Richmond. Fishing is permitted with artificial lures equipped with a single barbless hook or single barbed hook that has been crimped, and all fish caught shall be returned to the water immediately. The possession of any trout, salmon, or charr while fishing in this section of the river shall be primary evidence that said trout, salmon, or charr was taken in violation of these Rules and Regulations.

• Section 10.6.1-17: The Beaver River has been removed from the trout stocking list; it will no longer be stocked with hatchery-raised trout.

The Beaver River is home to a robust population of wild brook trout. Brook trout are listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the 2015 Rhode Island Wildlife Action Plan. 

Continuous work by DEM's Division of Fish and Wildlife focuses on documenting the distribution of brook trout across Rhode Island and implementing management actions to improve populations. The Town of Richmond's recent Beaver River Watershed Assessment report identifies the Beaver River as a priority area for habitat conservation for wild brook trout, including altering trout stocking practices.

These findings are consistent with analyses conducted by DEM's Division of Fish and Wildlife. The aim of designating the Beaver River as catch and release-only area is to further improve the population of brook trout in the Beaver River. Furthermore, this change will provide a unique opportunity for anglers to target wild brook trout and admire them for their natural beauty.

The other major regulatory change affects children only fishing ponds. • Section 10.6.1 -9 - Children Only Ponds: In addition to the other children only ponds listed, Cass Pond in Woonsocket and Geneva Brook and Pond in North Providence have been revised to be restricted to children for only the first two days of the trout fishing season.

All other freshwater fishing rules and regulations are in effect as of July 31, 2021.

For a full list of freshwater fishing regulations, visit

A current fishing license and a Trout Conservation Stamp are required to keep or possess a trout or salmon. The daily creel and possession limit for trout and/or salmon singly or in aggregate, is five fish from Opening Day to December 1, and two fish from December 1, 2021 through February 28, 2022. 

The creel and possession limits for trout or charr taken in the Wood River between Route 165 and Barberville Dam at Arcadia Road shall be limited to two fish from the second Saturday in May through the last day of February, annually. Anglers are reminded to obey all fishing and boating regulations.

For updates on fishing information, follow DEM's outdoor education page on Facebook:, or call 401-789-0281.

Follow DEM on Twitter (@RhodeIslandDEM) or Facebook at for timely updates.

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