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Monday, May 15, 2023

International Space Station does an encore tonight PLUS (maybe) METEORS!

ISS comes over tonight for second 7-minute run in a row

By Will Collette

This is a short version - typically the ISS covers the whole dome of the sky. With good binoculars or a telescope you can see features on the vessel

As I reported yesterday, a seven-minute overflight of the International Space Station is about the longest it gets since it goes from horizon to horizon. 

It's not unusual to get overflights on consecutive nights, but two back-to-back seven-minute flights don't happen very often.  Tonight's National Weather Service forecast is for "partly cloudy" skies with a low temp of 51 degrees.

The reliable ISS which will show up tonight at 8:37 PM at 10 degrees off the southwestern horizon to start a 7-minute journey to the northeast where it will disappear at 10 degrees above the horizon. At its maximum height of 89 degrees, it will seem almost directly overhead.

NASA maintains an e-mail list that gives you same-day notification of overflights over your hometown. This is the message I received from them this morning:

Time: Mon May 15 8:37 PM, Visible: 7 min, Max Height: 89°, Appears: 10° above SW, Disappears: 10° above NE