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Monday, June 3, 2024

Mageau mimics cartoon to defend his Mango Master

Uses Tom Tomorrow script to condemn Trump verdict
By Will Collette

This week's cartoon by Tom Tomorrow ran in Daily Kos today, the same day the Westerly Sun reprinted a letter Charlestown's most vocal MAGA, Jim Mageau, wrote to the Providence Journal (third from the top) a few days ago.

It's not unusual for Mageau to write wacky letters or to use fake facts and flawed logic to defend his perfect spiritual master, the Donald. It is unusual for Mageau to use almost exactly the same talking points that are so expertly skewered by a cartoon.

For a great laugh in these troubled times, I invite you to check out Mageau's letter and compare it, frame-by-frame, with this Tom Tomorrow MAGA send-up:
For more cartoons by Tom Tomorrow, CLICK HERECLICK HERE.

By the way, I think it is worth pondering Mageau's (and Tom Tomorrow's) MAGA argument:

Think! It isn't Donald Trump who is accused of subverting the "Rule of Law"! If it can happen to Trump, can it happen to you and me? If Trump is disqualified or something more sinister happens to him, who will speak for you and me?
I recognize that if I was running for high public office and I cooked my company's books to pay off a porn star I had sex with so it wouldn't hurt my election chances, than yes, I'd be right to worry about prosecution too. 

As Mageau observed, "What happened to the once active and proud ACLU that once led the fight to protect our civil rights?"