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Saturday, April 9, 2011

YMCA Land Use Concept

Yesterday I reported on the Thursday night continuation of the YMCA Land Use Hearing. At that time I did not have a copy of the development concepts presented by the conservation planner that Ted Veazey hired. I think they are interesting enough to include here.

You can click on the image to get a larger view or right-click and select Open Link in New Window.

This concept puts a loop road along Prosser Trail to avoid the usual rectangular lots lined up on the road, leaving more green buffer there. The remainder of the homes are clustered in the part of the lot containing many of the current 15 decaying camp buildings. Fifteen of the 27 acres would end up as protected space including large buffers around the lake-front wetlands. The building shown near the lake is an existing shelter/gazebo.  From discussion I heard at the hearing, this is the concept most likely to pass muster with the town because it appears to fit well with existing zoning options.

This is a condominium concept which results in 20 protected acres. The condo units are all located in the portion of the property that is most developed currently. The central parking lot and significant walks to some units perhaps make this more appropriate for a warmer climate.

This is similar to the previous concept but uses individual garages and still preserves about 20 acres.

I should explain that the town is not currently reviewing and approving any particular use plan. These were developed to show what is possible to create preserved conservation land while making that financially possible by building and selling some homes. The current decision is about changing the comprehensive plan and zoning for this property to a residential classification. After that Mr. Veazey and his designers would work with the Planning Commission on a subdivision plan.

Author: Tom Ferrio