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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Labor Charge on Council's April 7 Agenda

The Town Council has listed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge filed by Teamsters Local 251 on 2/24 against the Town on its  April 7th executive session agenda.

The ULP charge alleges Town Administrator William DiLibero demanded that the union replace Liz Tarvis as shop steward for Town Hall union members. The union charges that, in effect, the boss was trying to pick who would represent the workers.

Further, when the union refused Mr. DiLibero's demand, the union alleges DiLibero went to Jarvis' supervisor, tax assessor Ken Swain, and loudly ordered him to cut her work hours to intimidate her and other union members.

I spoke to the Robyn Golden, Administrator of the RI Labor Relations Board last week. She told me the ULP was being held "in abeyance" while labor and management discussed a private settlement. As such, the complaint is not considered a public record by the Labor Board and is not available on-line.

Sources at Town Hall say negotiations did take place. Unconfirmed reports say Liz Jarvis wants a public apology from DiLibero. I do not know whether there has been an agreement, or whether the charge will go back to the Labor Board for formal action. Presumably, that is what the Council will discuss in executive session later this week.

This ULP charge is unrelated to the retaliatory firing complaint Council member Lisa DiBello filed against the Town, DiLibero and nine other present and former town officials. For more details on DiBello's complaint, click here.

Author: Will Collette