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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The New London Day is hosting the only local Peeps® diorama contest that I know of. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I love Peeps® and especially the Easter Peeps® contests that the Washington Post and other newspapers run.

Go to their on-line edition here for more information on how to enter. The deadline for entries is April 17. After that, readers will be given the chance to vote on their favorites.

Sgt Peepers... one of last year's winners
The Progressive Charlestown team hopes to enter a Peeps® display of a typical day at Charlestown Town Hall in the Day’s contest.

Speaking of a typical day at Charlestown Town Hall, we’ve heard rumors that an independent TV producer is floating the idea of a series, an edgy political drama, based on Charlestown politics. Sort of a cross between Showtime’s hit, the Brotherhood and the Beverly Hillbillies.

According to the rumor, they’re hoping to get either Gary Busey or Charlie Sheen to play Jim Mageau, Wilford Brimley to play Tom Gentz and Maggie Smith to play Ruth Platner.