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Friday, May 27, 2011

Antics of CRABS

Before I start this article please look at our list of other Recent Articles on the right. We fear that we have so much information to publish for you that many people are missing important stuff. Be sure to see our article suggesting things to do in Charlestown this weekend. Please add comments for the ones I've missed.

Ok, now that you've done that I hope you find this article interesting ... and potentially alarming.

Good investigative reporters often get their stories through the nurturing of inside sources of information. I've been working hard to develop a source within the mysterious organization called CRABS; Charlestown Residents Against Beach Sanitation.

This evil group is trying to deceive the residents of Charlestown, against all common sense, to get the new beach facilities rejected at the polls on June 6.

You may have seen my articles describing my discovery of planning documents from CRABS (here and here). I hope you agree with me that it's despicable how they try to portray anyone who lives too far from the beach to walk as some terrible "other" to be excluded at all cost. Now I have more shocking facts to share with you, my loyal readers.

Of course I can't disclose too much but my source tells me that the building in this photo is the site of the secret CRABS planning meetings. This is a building that is not identified with any sign, a perfect place to hold secret meetings. And, I'm told with all certainty, all of the CRABS members live within walking distance, except for one or two members who may or may not live at or near the highest elevation in Charlestown.

Yesterday I was chatting with another member of CRABS, who didn't know who I was. He brought up the topic of the beach facilities and spoke with absolute assurance that the proposal would be voted down. By the wicked gleam in his eye I knew there must be a nefarious plan afoot. Later that night when I met with my source I came away from that meeting with a chill in my spine.

My source assured me that the leaders of CRABS were choosing from among the slogans, that I have already published here, to make up posters to fight the new facilities. But then he told me something amazing - the poster are all going to say Vote NO on June 8. "June 8," I asked in amazement. "How can that make sense?" My friend explained to me that voter turnout is so low at these special elections that they just want to keep most Charlestown residents away from the polls and the highly motivated CRABS, at least the ones who are not Florida residents, can dominate the vote.

"And look, the town held these information sessions and hardly anyone attended even though people keep whining that they don't have enough information. It was hardly worth the while for CRABS members to be there to spout their propaganda," he explained.

"NIMBY reigns supreme!" he chanted before coughing in embarrassment since he was confiding in me.

Then he explained how CRABS is planning to go even further to exclude outsiders, anyone too far away to walk, from using the Blue Shutters Beach after they get the new facilities defeated. "Obviously, the portable toilets we have now became disgusting quite rapidly but still people came to the beach. They'll get too gross to use soon and, instead of letting anything get approved to replace them, they plan to humiliate the beach-goers by handing out these instead" and he slipped something plastic into my hand.

"A zip-lock bag?" I asked. Then I looked closely the label.
"But it says June 6 on here..." I said hopefully. "That's just a prototype" he explained. "They really won't introduce these until after they have defeated the facilities proposal."  I fell into a funk and exclaimed "Will they stop at nothing to exclude others from the beach?"

"You're getting the idea" he replied quietly before slipping off into the night. It proved to be a night of tossing and turning with frustration for me.

Before leaving this topic for today I beg you to watch the original presentation and discussion. Then mark your calendar for June 6 to take the time to vote clean, sanitary, and safe facilities that we can be proud of.

Vote Monday, June 6, 8 am until 8 pm
Vote Monday, June 6, 8 am until 8 pm
Vote Monday, June 6, 8 am until 8 pm

Author: Tom Ferrio