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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beach Facilities Information Session Today

Please consider attending the information session about the proposed new beach facilities at 1 pm today (Thursday, May 26) in the Charlestown Senior/Community Center in Ninigret Park.

The turn-out at the first session wasn't too good, about 10 people. We would like to see more people there today to show that people will vote with knowledge.

Of course, we can hope that you have learned enough here, in our articles, that you are already convinced to vote for the modest proposal and against the evil CRABS.

We heard that at least one person was looking for CRABS flyers, and CRABS supporters, at the first session on Tuesday. I guess we will have to increase our sarcasm some to make the fiction clear. Will and I did discuss showing up in crab suits of some sort to pass out CRABS-sponsored baggies for people to use when they visit the beach. We were debating between quart size and gallon size, definitely not the snack size. Alas, there wasn't enough time to prepare.

Author: Tom Ferrio