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Friday, May 27, 2011

Beach toilet solution: Just in the nick of time

As our summer visitors arrive and just a week and a half away from Charlestown's June 6 vote on the proposed beach facilities warrant item, here is technology to the rescue.

From the innovators in Japan comes this new product that offers an incredibly inexpensive alternative to the proposed $1.2 million beach sanitation facilities. This information comes from the on-line Japanese magazine Japan Probe and, I swear, I did not make ANY of this up.

This product is right in line with the "bag it and pack it" alternative proposed by several anonymous CCA e-mailers. We're awaiting word from the Charlestown Citizens Alliance to hear whether they are endorsing this product as an alternative to the beach facilities proposal that will be on the June 6th ballot.

This innovative product is an Emergency Disposal toilet consisting of a bag, a cardboard stand, some special absorbent tablets and a trash-bag like poncho for privacy.

The instructions:
It is very easy to use this toilet.
  1. Put the colored bag over the cardboard stand.
  2. Place chemical pellets into the bag. They will solidify any liquids and absorb odor.
  3. Place the black poncho over yourself for privacy.
  4. Poop or pee in the bag.
  5. Tie the bag up. It is now ready for disposal.
Watch this informative video demonstration (in Japanese, not sub-titled):