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Monday, May 23, 2011

Which Came First: Will or CRABS?

I went to the collection center this morning with my recycling and my monthly bag of trash. I got out of my Jeep® to throw the trash in the container and noticed a bag laying there on the ground. 

Trying to help out, I picked it up to toss it in but the bag tore and some papers, coffee cups and Snickers® wrappers spilled out. Glad I had gloves on, I started gathering the stuff up when I noticed something familiar on a sheet of paper so I looked more closely.

“Whoa”, I said to myself. Then I saw it was on the top of a letter:
Part of the letter I found - some bits blacked out (click to enlarge)

Will's proposed proxy group
As Sarah Palin has said, “WTF!” This looks like something right out of Will's article last week!

Then I see that many of the other sheets are the CCA emails of beach facility comments with notes written in the margins.

The first of those sheets I picked up contained the anonymous email CCA sent with the phrase “we love our rustic beaches” and scribbled in the margin is We love our rustic beaches, and nothing’s more rustic than a latrine. Vote no for beach toilets June 6.

So now I’m wondering, did some group of people read Will’s article and decide they liked the acronym and the concept or did Will find out about this group somehow. I bet Will won’t tell.

The next sheet held the anonymous email that complained they should have proposed small facilities with pole showers. I guess the CRABS people realize that the proposal really is for pole showers even though CCA didn't bother to clarify that when they published the email. The note in the margin is Give them pole showers and next they’ll be pole dancing! Vote no for beach toilets June 6. (Hey, I didn’t say they were good. I’m just reporting what I found.)

And here’s the one that complains the town should not spend money when the economy is bad: The economy is bad so we shouldn’t do anything that creates jobs now. Vote no for beach facilities June 6.

There are lots and lots more but I want to get this posted and I’ll write the rest up tomorrow. Check back!

But I'm wondering ... are we going to see these slogans on posters around town?

Author: Tom Ferrio