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Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlestown TV Guide: Town Council Tonite

Whether you go in person (7 PM at Town Hall) or watch it on ClerkBase, there are lots of interesting items on tonight’s Town Council agenda.

Will the meeting be long (usually is) or short? Will tempers flare or cool heads prevail? Will Lisa DiBello show up to defend herself and do battle with her enemies? Will Jim Mageau show up to demand his money?

Yes, the circus is in town, and it’s not just at Ninigret Park!

Some of the things to watch tonight:

  • Rep. Donna Walsh will report to the Council early in the meeting on success in securing state funding for two vitally important Charlestown projects, and on the enactment of three bills of special interest, including the Municipal Court.

  • Bob Guerrera has requested time to speak on the issue of beach access, a topic we recently covered in some detail.

  • Town Solicitor Peter Ruggiero’s letter to Jim Mageau’s lawyer rejecting Mageau’s demand for $20,000 for the cost of his criminal defense comes next. If Mageau shows, watch out!

  • The last major item on the agenda will be the question of town payment for private lawyers for town officials charged by Council member Lisa DiBello with retaliatory conspiracy.
In the mix: discussion of the bad zoning legislation that never happened, Kate Waterman’s resignation from the Planning Commission (and a commendation), some licensing, road issues and other miscellany that could bring some surprises.

Author: Will Collette