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Friday, August 17, 2012

The REAL Town Council Agenda for Monday

For your convenience, the actual order of business
These agendas are SOOOOO confusing
By Will Collette

This is part of a new service we are providing to Charlestown residents who either attend Town Council meetings or watch the video on Clerkbase. Most newcomers to Council meetings find themselves baffled early on in each session, because the actual order of business never follows the sequence laid out in the printed and on-line versions of the agenda.

That’s because the Council changes the order of business for the convenience of guests who are attending because of a specific agenda item. They get the courtesy of having their item of interest heard earlier in the agenda.

There are also a number of “Consent Agenda” items on the agenda. These are generally non-controversial items where Council members agree to simply vote to accept them as a bloc without discussion or debate.

Check Progressive Charlestown through the weekend and on Monday for more detail on some of the more controversial issues. 

Here is how the Monday night Council agenda will actually take place. (Click here for a printer-friendly version).

The regular monthly meeting of the Charlestown Town Council will be held on August 20, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Charlestown Town Hall, 4540 South County Trail, Charlestown, RI.  The proposed agenda is as follows:

1.      CALL TO ORDER, Moment of Silence, Pledge of Allegiance

2.      ROLL CALL
Motion to move items 5a, 9a, 10a, 12, 16a, 16b and 18g to be heard next on the agenda.

a.   Chris Fox, Executive Director, Pawcatuck/Wood River Watershed – Steps taken to clear the Pawcatuck River in Charlestown for recreation river kayaking and boating. NOTE: the Council is NOT extending this same courtesy of an early hearing to Frank Glista who will be heard later in the agenda.

Public hearing  and potential action on Ordinance #352 amending Chapter 27 Municipal Court, chapter 74 Alcoholic Beverages, Chapter 86 Boats & Waterways, Chapter 93 Numbering of Building, Chapter 152 Noise, Chapter 155 Nuisance, Chapter 158 Parks, Beaches & Recreation Areas, Chapter 162 Peace & Good Order and Chapter 206 Vehicles and Traffic. The Gist: this ordinance details the jurisdiction of Charlestown’s recently created municipal court over certain sections of the town’s Code of Ordinances.

a.   Application received from the Charlestown Historical Society for a Class F Beverage License for a fundraising event for premises located at 5000 South County Trail on August 25, 2012 from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., subject to receipt of all required paperwork and stipulations and rules and regulations as required by the Liquor Control Administration and the Town Council.

12.    CONSENT AGENDA All items marked with “CA” are to be considered consent agenda NONE of these items will be actually discussed. They will be approved as a bloc.
Motion to accept approve and place on file the following as the consent agenda: 13a, 13b, 17a, 17b, 17c, 17d, 18b, 18c, 18d, 18e, and 18f

“CA” a.  Town Council Minutes: June 25, July 3, July 9, July 25 (Executive and Regular)
“CA” b.  Reports: Building Official – July 2012; Chief of Police – July 2012; Public Works Director - June 2012, July 2012; Town Clerk - July 2012; Treasurer - May 2012, June 2012

“CA” a.  Resignation of Robert J. Aneyci from the Ninigret Park Dog Park Facility Subcommittee
“CA” b.  Resignation of Donald E. Stevens from Agricultural Preservation
“CA” c.  Appointment of Michael Roy to the Coastal Pond Management Commission, term to expire in March 2014, with a recommendation from the Commission.
“CA” d.  Appointment of Christopher C. Lyman as Traffic Constable, term to expire in January 2013, as requested by Lt. Michael Paliotta, Acting Chief of Police.

 “CA” b.     Authorization for the Acting Town Administrator to release the Road Maintenance Bond for Oak Hollow Lane in the amount of $4,800.00 to Evelyn J. Smith, Treasurer of J. F. Smith Builders, Inc. with memorandum from the Director of Public Works and the Town Planner.
“CA” c.     Recommendation from Matthew J. Dowling, Wastewater Manager of Fuss and O’Neil to implement the conceptual design, preliminary design, permitting and engineering work for the Elimination of Directed Stormwater Dischargeinto Green Hill Pond for an amount not to exceed $35,000 through the State of Rhode Island’s Master Price Agreement as budgeted in FY2013, with funding to come from line item 01.990.9957 and authorization for the Acting Town Administrator to execute the contract.
“CA” d.     Request from Kenneth J. Swain, Tax Assessor/IT Coordinator for approval to accept the copier proposal from Konica Minolta for a BIZHUB C654 copier at an approximate cost of $730.00 per month, with funding to come from line item 490.4970 as budgeted, and authorization for the Acting Town Administrator to sign all necessary documentation.
“CA” e.     Award of the Ninigret Park Cleaning bid to Mark H. Russo for the cleaning of the two restrooms at Ninigret Park four times per week at a cost of $40.00 per cleaning at a total weekly cost of $160.00 and a total cost of $3,520.00, with a per diem cost for emergency cleaning at $30.00 per building if necessary, from August 21, 2012 – November 5, 2012 and April 15, 2013 – June 30, 2013, as recommended by the Parks and Recreation Director and authorization for the Acting Town Administrator to execute the contract.
“CA” f.     Request from the Tax Assessor for abatements in the amount of $3,793.87.

a.   Memo from Parks and Recreation Director regarding Chariho Football use of Puchalski Field 2012 season
b.   Memo from Ashley V. Hahn, Town Planner, on behalf of the Planning Commission, regarding the revision of the Comprehensive Plan The Gist: Town Planning Ashley Hahn says Statewide Planning recommends only doing a 5-year update and NOT the full-blown new plan as favored by Planning Commissar Ruth Platner. My prediction: Platner will try to do a new plan with minimal involvement from anyone not aligned with the CCA.

g.   Approval of Tennis Court Rental Fees as recommended by the Parks and Recreation Commission:
Residents booking court: $6 per hour for singles
Residents booking court: $8 per 1½ hours for doubles play
Add $2 for non-resident making reservations
(Signage will be posted showing the rental for players to eliminate court conflicts.)
(All non-reserved play is first come, first served, with 1 hour max play when groups are waiting to play and 1½ hours for doubles when there are others waiting to play.)

3.      PUBLIC COMMENT for items not on the Agenda

4.      COUNCIL COMMENTS NOT NOTED: Which Council member will take their turn to denounce Progressive Charlestown. We haven’t heard from Dan Slattery yet. 

b.   Frank Glista – Council Comments  You’re going to want to pay close attention to this item

b.   Town Solicitor

a.   Discussion and potential action regarding a charge to the Affordable Housing Advisory Review Committee  The Gist: this appears to be an attempt by CCA Town Council Boss Tom Gentz to revitalize his attempt to kill affordable housing in Charlestown once and for all.
b.   Discussion and potential action regarding a charge to the Town Administrator Ad Hoc Search Committee The Gist: Another Gentz item that lays out the process for picking a replacement for former Town Administrator Bill DiLibero who was the victim of character assassination by Gentz and the CCA in their “Kill Bill” campaign.
c.   Discussion and potential action regarding the purchase of iPads for Town Commissions Why should the Planning Commission be the only ones to rack up big Angry Birds scores?

a.   Discussion and potential action regarding Open Space and Conservation Easement process for future purchases The Gist: Gentz wants to set up some process involving the Charlestown Land Trust and others to try to learn from the Y-Gate Scandal and try to avoid making the same mistakes.
b.   Discussion and potential action regarding a curfew for minors



a.   Introduction and first reading of Ordinance #353 amending Chapter 155 Nuisances, Article III Dark Sky Lighting, Section 18 General Standards. The Gist: despite having no scientific basis for setting 15 feet as the maximum height for commercial lighting, the Planning Commission insists on maintaining that height unless a certified lighting expert paid for by the applicant but hired by the town says otherwise. Planning just can’t help trying one last time to stick it to Charlestown businesses. NOTE: several notable examples of dark-sky compliance new installations (e.g. Charlestown Wine & Spirits) exceed 15 feet.

a.   Request from Michael Paliotta, Acting Chief of Police for approval of the purchase of ten (10) DataLux TracerMobile Data Systems, from Datalux as a sole source vendor based on the requirements of the Town Purchasing Manual, Section V. Special Procurements, A. Exclusive Service/Sole Source Vendor, 1. The vendor has a proprietary claim on the desired goods or service resulting from a patent or licensed agreement, for direct connectivity to existing computer connectionsas approved by the Acting Town Administrator and authorization for the Acting Town Administrator to sign a contract with DataLux, in the amount of  $45,600 with funding for a three year lease with the first payment from line item 01.990.9973.
19.    LEGAL MATTERS - None


The public is welcome to any meeting of the Town Council. If communication assistance (readers/interpreters/captions) is needed or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation, please call 711-364-1240 at least three (3) business days prior to the meeting.