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Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Eat food you grow," part 4

Steamed crabs from fish market in Galilee, zucchini and summer
squash sauteed in butter and garlic, corn from Carpenter's Farm,
tomato-tomatillo gazpacho with green peppers (recipe after
the jump), tomatillo salsa (recipe after the jump), and
red and yellow raspberries from Briarfield Farm.
Wine: Martini & Rossi Asti.
A locavore recipe collection, inspired by the CCA Steering Committee

Part 1: The Pasta-sauce Variations
Part 2: The Salad Variations
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Part 4: The Tomatillo Variations

By Linda Felaco

Fresh tomatillo salsa, Rhode Island style

(This is a modified recipe from Secrets of Salsa)

1 pound tomatillos, husked
3 cloves garlic (I use garlic from the farm stand on Old Coach Road)
2 tablespoons water (I used lime juice instead to keep the avocado from turning brown)
1 bunch cilantro (I used Italian parsley)
3 to 6 serrano or jalapeƱo chilies (optional; see note below)
1 avocado
salt to taste

Quarter the tomatillos.
Blend garlic, lime juice, tomatillos, parsley (and chiles if you're using them) in food processor or blender. Add avocado and pulse about 5 times. Salt to taste.

*Note: For a hotter salsa, use serranos; for a milder salsa, use jalapeƱos.

Variation 2:

12 tomatillos, husked
1 large or 2-3 small clove garlic (I use garlic from the farm stand on Old Coach Road)
2 tablespoons lime juice
1/2 dozen fresh basil leaves
3 or 4 scallions
salt to taste (optional)

Cut half of the tomatillos into quarters and place in food processor or blender. Add garlic and lime juice and blend. Dice the remaining tomatillos and the scallions and chop the basil leaves. Add to the rest of the mixture and pulse a few times with the blender till it's the consistency you prefer. Salt to taste.

Tomato-tomatillo gazpacho

5 medium tomatoes, diced
6 medium tomatillos, diced
1 medium green pepper, diced (optional)
1 medium cucumber
1/2 medium onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic
Balsamic vinegar
Extra-virgin olive oil
Italian parsley, chopped
Salt to taste (optional)

Leave a tomato, a tomatillo, and about a tablespoon each of the diced cucumber and  pepper (if used) aside and blend the rest of the ingredients, then add the remaining ingredients for a chunky gazpacho, or blend the whole thing if you like it smooth. Chill. Serve garnished with fresh basil leaf.

Coming soon:

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