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Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Eat food you grow," part 5

Crabmeat and pattypan squash in cream sauce
served over linguini garnished with Old Bay Seasoning
(recipe after the jump).

A locavore recipe collection, inspired by the CCA Steering Committee

Part 1: The Pasta-sauce Variations
Part 2: The Salad Variations (newly updated!)
Part 3: The Quahog Variations
Part 4: The Tomatillo Variations 
Part 5: The Zucchini Variations

By Linda Felaco

Crabmeat and pattypan squash in cream sauce
(shown above)

Heat extra-virgin olive oil* in a sauté pan and add a sliced onion and several cloves of garlic.† (If you don't like to eat the garlic, leave the cloves whole so they can be removed easily when finished cooking.) When the onions are translucent, add 6 pattypan squash, sliced into slivers, and a half-pound of lump crabmeat. Cook over a medium flame until the squash is soft, then add cream and continue cooking till sauce is hot. Serve over your favorite pasta (we prefer DeCecco), garnished with Old Bay seasoning (optional).

Fried squash blossoms
(recipe can be found here)

Variation: Stuff with ricotta cheese before frying.

Zucchini and squash blossoms
(recipe can be found here

Variation 2: Use pattypans, summer squash, or butterbush squash in place of or in addition to the zucchini.

Variation 3: Add diced fresh tomatoes.

Squash blossom soup
(recipe can be found here)

*Full disclosure: The EVOO is of course imported. Ya don't see a lot of olive groves in RI, sadly.
Onions are from Briarfield Farm; garlic is from the farm stand on Old Coach Road.

Coming soon:

Part 6: The Eggplant Variations
Part 7: The Pumpkin Variations