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Friday, September 27, 2013

SCOOP: NKFFA Local 1651 Wins BIG

North Kingstown Firefighters Triumph in Labor Dispute
NKFFA Local 1651 Restored to Original Status -
Wins at Labor Board (photo by Tracey O'Neill)
By Tracey O’Neill

North Kingstown - North Kingstown firefighters Local 1651 triumphed today in a years' long battle with the Town over unilateral changes made to shift, platoon and pay structures outside of collective bargaining.

The State Labor Relations Board in decision released today, ordered the Town to "immediately restore the firefighter's schedule, hours of work and hourly rate of pay to that which existed upon the expiration of the 2010-2011 contract year." 

"We are incredibly happy and certainly vindicated that the Labor Board upheld the decision and decided that the town had bargained in bad faith," said Raymond Furtado, Union President.

The Town was ordered to make the firefighters whole in a monetary restoration by "paying to each and every firefighter, all wages that should have been paid" including regular, overtime and holiday pay that would have been required had the unilateral changes not been made. The restitution includes a 12% annual interest rate accrual running from June 14, 2012 through date of payment.
The town has 60 days to make good on payment to the department.

The order, signed today also makes provision for restitution of clothing, tuition and other allotment benefits required and not paid under the 2010-2011 contract.

The 52-page decision and order further prohibits the Town from implementation of any unilateral changes, at any time going forward as to wages, rates of pay, working conditions or  other terms and conditions of employment.

Full Story to follow.