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Monday, September 23, 2013

75 Years Aft - The Great New England Hurricane Remembered (Part 2)

When Mother Nature makes her mark - photographic reminders
1938 Charlestown RI (Courtesy RI SOS virtual archive)
Guest article by by Tracey C. O'Neill

In researching the Hurricane of 1938, commonly referred to as the Great New England Hurricane or The Long Island Express, a horrific event in time long before I walked the shoreline of Rhode Island and most definitely while my own mother was in the womb, I discovered a photographic array eerily reminiscent of events I had covered in this decade. 

I produced a pictorial (link) illustrating the ravages of Mother Nature as seen 75 years ago alongside some photos taken during and after Sandy's pass last year. 

It should be noted that there are communities where no photos are shown due to the absence of the very residents who were taken by the sea in 1938, the need for those who survived to concentrate their efforts in communities where hope remained and the poor economic times.