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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Five seal pups released from Charlestown’s Blue Shutters Beach

Mystic Aquarium does it again!

First Responder TrainingIt was a November morning like no other: Blue Shutters Beach welcomed a crowd of over 100 people who eagerly awaited the arrival of five harbor seal pups from Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program.

Marigold, Begonia, Indigo, Viola and Blossom – all named for this year’s theme of flowers – were considered to be abandoned shortly after birth. 

Following months of rehabilitation, the five pups, now approximately 4 – 5 months old, were deemed healthy and prepared for life at sea.

Marigold was rescued in Owl’s Head, ME and arrived at Mystic Aquarium on May 28 weighing 17 pounds. 

Begonia was rescued in Kennebunkport, ME and arrived at Mystic Aquarium on May 28 weighing 20 pounds. 

Indigo was rescued in Harpswell, ME and arrived at Mystic Aquarium on June 1 weighing 16 pounds. 

Viola was rescued in Falmouth, ME and arrived at Mystic Aquarium on June 26 weighing 16 pounds.

The four seals were rescued by the Marine Mammals of Maine while Blossom was rescued in Newport, RI by Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program on April 22 weighing only 14 pounds. 

Upon release, all five seals weighed more than 50 pounds each.

At Mystic Aquarium, learning about marine animals is great, coming eye-to-eye with them is even better, but being part of helping marine animals in need is the best. 

Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program is supported by a network of First Responder volunteers who are dedicated to doing just that.

With a coverage area spanning 1,000 miles between CT, RI and Fisher’s Island, NY, the Animal Rescue Program’s First Responder volunteers are vital to the animal rescue process and are able to get to beaches faster than the Program’s teams at Mystic Aquarium.

The Animal Rescue Program is always looking for more First Responder volunteers and is currently offering free training courses. 

Those interested in joining the network of Mystic Aquarium’s First Responders can register for the November 17 training in RI or the November 20 training at Mystic Aquarium by visiting