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Saturday, September 8, 2018

From the Mystic Aquarium

Animal care professionals at Mystic Aquarium have the honor and privilege of caring for multiple species that appear on both the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species™ including the endangered Panamanian golden frog, African penguin and green and loggerhead sea turtles. Recently proposed rule changes would significantly weaken the Endangered Species Act, risking extinction for these species and countless more.

"With habitat loss, biodiversity declines, climate change and human interaction, increased protection for endangered species is more critical than ever."

The Endangered Species Act is considered one of the most successful conservation policies in the world because of an effective governmental process that continues to bring species back from the brink of extinction. In fact, 99% of species listed under the Act have survived and are on the path to recovery.
Unfortunately, the Act is under fire and Mystic Aquarium is seeking your help to ignite change. We invite you to "help us help them" in joining our cause to urge the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife Service to rescind the proposed rule changes.

Three easy ways to help protect endangered species:
1.    Educate your family about endangered species in your own backyard.
2.    Practice responsible living: reduce water usage, grow native plants, purchase sustainable foods, etc.
3.    Volunteer at a local aquarium, zoo or wildlife conservancy and help spread the word.


Winter Skate

Listed as an endangered species by the IUCN (a global union of agencies and organizations that assess the conservation status of species), the winter skate is just one of many species at risk of losing certain protection if proposed changes are made to the act above. Native to the western Atlantic Ocean, the winter skate can be spotted off of New England coastal waters. In fact, you may have even found an empty egg case, or "Mermaid's Purse," on the beach at one point.

Want to learn more? Stop by our Mermaid's Purse exhibit in the Main Gallery during your next visit, you can even peek inside a live egg case!