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Friday, February 22, 2019

At the Mystic Aquarium

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Laurie Macha

Hi! I’m Laurie Macha, Mystic Aquarium’s Curator of Marine Mammals and Birds. If you have visited us before, you may have seen me hanging out with some of the animals living at our outdoor exhibits or in the Foxwoods Marine Theater. And if you’ve ever had a conversation with me, you’d know that I believe I have the best job in the world!
There is just so much that I love about what I do here.
I look forward to my daily rounds where I get to check in on every seal, sea lion, beluga and penguin in our care. It has been a true joy checking in on our new Steller sea lions, mother/daughter duo Eden and Perl and seeing how effortlessly Natasha, a beautiful beluga whale who arrived at the Aquarium a week ago, has been acclimating to her surroundings – accomplishments that would not be possible without our amazing animal care teams.
Often when I’m doing my rounds, the staff will share their latest accomplishments in training. Their passion, dedication and joy is contagious and another reason why I love leading their efforts. While each day provides them with unique opportunities, it also entails routine (and often not glamorous!) responsibilities that they perform with ease and energy. You should see what a day in the life of a sea lion trainer is like!
It’s also extremely rewarding for me and our team to take time out of our busy days to interact with our guests. Whether it’s during a special pop-up trainer talk or participating in an event, we love to get involved. The Aquarium is actually launching new event categories, each featuring a new twist on the classic events you have come to know and love throughout the year! We hope you’ll join us during one of our FIN-tastic Family Events or an Aquarium After Dark event.
Most importantly, though, I really love Mystic Aquarium and our commitment to animals, guests, conservation, education and research. It’s more than just a mission to our teams – it’s a way of life.

See you soon!

Laurie Macha

Meet Natasha


Last Sunday, we welcomed 37-year old Natasha, a female beluga whale from Sea World San Antonio, to our Arctic Coast exhibit. Since her arrival, Natasha has acclimated to her new environment well; she’s eating, interacting with her trainers and swimming with Juno and Kela.


From now until March 12, you can cast your vote for Mystic Aquarium as the Best Area Attraction, Family Outing and Place to Volunteer. And, be sure to vote for our Sea School’s very own Mr. Zak as the Best Teacher. Thank you for your support!

The Days Best Of 2019


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Mystic Aquarium is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through conservation, education and research.

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