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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

NOT a joke: Trump actually tweeted this out this morning

Will someone PLEASE read the 25th Amendment

ImageU.S. P*esident Donald Trump on Wednesday (November 27) morning took to social media and tweeted an objectively ridiculous picture with his head super-imposed on the muscled body of fictional boxing champion Rocky Balboa.

Here it is. Here is what the person with the codes to the U.S. nuclear arsenal tweeted (continue, below):

In response, people (including this writer) who would otherwise be doing other things or paying attention to issues that mattered, were forced to stop what they were doing and respond.

"This is both sad and funny on a whole new level," said Jeet Heer, national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine. 

Others, of course, could not help but post similarly ridiculous photos that Trump might like, make comment, or issue contempt for a president currently serving in the nation's highest elected office.

"Ladies and gentleman," tweeted Tim Pool, a freelance journalist and media producer. "The 45th President of The United States Of America. What a time to be alive."

And, as if that wasn't enough, here's more (check out the "gorgeous chest" reference):

Pic of the Moment

So, let's take a look at the @realDonaldTrump. Try not to undress him with your eyes:
Related image