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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Aliens Among Us

They're not as dangerous as you might think

By Jack Caswell, Progressive Charlestown Guest Contributor

Mayan carving believed by some to show the pilot of an alien craft
The Pentagon's recent acknowledgement of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) -- aka UFOs -- and its establishment of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, which will function to document and analyze sightings of the aforementioned UAPs, serve as an eerie reminder that we are not alone in this unfathomably vast universe. It also vindicates the long-time believers in extraterrestrials, otherwise known as "loonies" or "wack-jobs" or other denigrating epithets to the more smug and "sane" among us.

I was once among those who automatically dismissed any mention of UFOs, or AEPs, simply because the universe is so vast. That was until I began reading about ancient civilizations and some of their artistic depictions of alien craft, and I connected that information to the Sumerian Annunaki, the biblical Nephilim, the numerous Greek gods with their frequent earthly visitations, and the modern (circa 1950s forward) photographic evidence and eye-witness testimony, which have been legion.

I became a believer, and I am convinced that there is nothing to fear from alien visitations because they have been with us for thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of years, are among us presently, and truly mean us no harm. As evidence, I present the following examples:

Historical People Who Were (final example: are) Actually Aliens

Note: If you believe the Bible is myth, skip to Number 6.

1. Enoch (right): Spent 365 years on Earth but did “not see death” and instead “walked with God” as His Chief of Archangels. Wrote book in which he mapped out the cosmos and recorded – accurately – the heavenly bodies’ movements. Begot Enoch at age 65 (probable inventor of Viagra).

2. Methuselah: Enoch’s son, lived 969 years, the unfortunate soul.

3. Noah: Enoch’s great grandson built a huge ark and convinced two of each animal on Earth to board it and sail for an estimated three and a half months. Kept the peace and tolerated with great patience the commotion on said ark.

4. Moses: Turned his staff into a snake and used said staff to part the Red Sea.

5. Jesus of Nazareth: Was conceived miraculously. Raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, health to the sick, and performed other miracles including his own resurrection. Returning sometime in the future to gather his selected flock.

6. Sumerians: Despite having no ancestral/evolutionary precedents on which to learn and/or build, had all the hallmarks of a highly advanced civilization, including but not limited to: advanced mathematics (invented our current time system), medicine (including anesthesia), metallurgy, architecture, literature, music, etc.

7. Pythagoras (left): Conceived of geometric equations and other concepts of mathematical genius. Recognized the Earth as a sphere and knew that the orbit of the moon was inclined to the equator of the Earth. He also was one of the first to realize that Venus was both the morning and evening star/planet.

8. Homer: Blind poet who composed and memorized two classic epics. Recited and performed said epics before huge, adoring crowds that knew the lines to his epics verbatim (He was a precursor to Bruce Springsteen).

9. Shakespeare: Despite attaining no higher than an 8th grade education, he wrote 37 plays and over 100 sonnets of such breadth, depth, eloquence and beauty that nobody before or since has been able to equal. (He was really Francis Bacon)

10. Joan of Arc: Had conversations with the archangel Michael (himself a probable alien) and, at age 17, commanded a victorious French army to fulfill her own prophecy about Prince Charles III becoming King of France.

11. Rasputin (right): Answered a call from the heavens and walked from Moscow to Jerusalem. Performed miracle cures -- including once from hundreds of miles away -- for Tsar Nicholas’ hemophiliac son, Alexei. Seduced women at will. Was poisoned with cyanide and shot several times and still didn’t die until his assassins threw him in a freezing river.

12. The Count de St. Germain: The 17th Century alchemist allegedly discovered the secret to immortality and has reincarnated under different identities throughout the centuries, the most latest being Richard Chanfray in the 1970s. He is said to eternally live as a roughly 45-year old man.

13. Beethoven: Composed some of his greatest works after going deaf.

14. Michelangelo: Probably sculpted and painted more masterpieces in one lifetime (88-plus years) than all the combined artists around the globe have done in the history of civilization.

15. Leonardo DaVinci: Artist and visionary genius on par with his contemporary, Michelangelo.

16. Babe Ruth: Despite a voracious appetite for junk food, cigars, alcohol, and loose women, he was baseball’s greatest pitcher. Switched to outfield and became baseball’s greatest hitter. As they say in The Sandlot, “Legends never die.” (And neither do aliens.)

17. Keith Richards (left): Abused his body for 60-plus years. Had multiple blood transfusions to overcome heroin addictions. Fell out of a coconut tree. Still alive. Looks older than Methuselah and still plays a pretty mean guitar. (See note above regarding life span of aliens.)

18. Tom Brady: Looks younger and plays better quarterback at age 44 than he did at age 24 and 34, and its not because of his affinity for avocados. Maybe he is the latest Count de St. Germain incarnation.

I'm sure I've omitted to mention some of these supernatural beings that have lived or may be currently living among us. Undoubtedly, the Pentagon could tell us more.

Jack Caswell is the author of Secret Societies & Classic Literature and a contributor to Southern Rhode Island newspapers as well as Progressive Charlestown. In his former lives, he was a sports writer and an English teacher.