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Friday, December 17, 2021

Flip takes a hit

Conservative news site blasts Filippi's COVID statements

By Will Collette

Yesterday, I published a piece on Charlestown's state rep Blake "Flip" Filippi's Trump-like Twitter tantrum against the half-measure COVID restrictions re-imposed by accidental Governor Dan McKee in the face of Rhode Island's out-of-control case rise. 

Even GoLocal, the state's largest internet news site, found Filippi's recent anti-vax, anti-mask remarks unacceptable in their weekly "Who's Hot and Who's Not" column. That same column has listed Flip as "Hot" on numerous occasions for what seemed to me to be unjustified reasons. But Flip seems to have gone so far down the wingnut rabbit hole that he earned a spanking from the conservative-leaning news site. 

Here's what they posted about him today:

Here is the article referred to: