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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Prominent local dentist receives high honor

Dr. Christine Benoit Elected a Master of the International College of Dentists

Charlestown’s largest dental practice, Arrowhead Dental, announced that co-founder Dr. Christine Benoit has been honored by the International College of Dentists for her body of work in advancing the art and science of dentistry. Here is Arrowhead’s statement: 

We would like to congratulate our very own Dr. Christine Benoit for the most prestigious honor of being elected a Master of the International College of Dentists (ICD). The International College of Dentists is the Preeminent Global Dental Honor Society recognizing outstanding professional achievement and meritorious service while advocating for Humanitarian and Educational Initiatives. 

This Master Fellowship recognizes Dr. Benoit's distinguished achievements in the art and science of dentistry, her eminent contributions to the dental profession, and appreciates her outstanding services rendered to the College over the span of two decades. 

Dr. Benoit was elected a Fellow in 1995 and has served the College in many capacities ever since. 

In 2011, Dr. Benoit was elected to serve on the International Council and continued until 2020. During an interim year, she was the ICD Programs Manager for the Worldwide College. She now serves as Projects Committee Chair and is instrumental in promoting antibiotic resistance awareness, appropriate use of antibiotics, and stewardship to ICD Fellows throughout the world. 

Prior to being awarded Master Fellowship, Dr. Benoit received the ICD Meritorious Award in recognition of leadership with the College's educational programs in 2018, and the ICD USA Section District One Distinguished Service Award in 2015. 

Although retired from clinical practice as a general dentist, Dr. Benoit is still very active in the ICD as well as three additional oral health non-profit foundation boards. 

Congratulations Dr. Benoit on your achievements with the ICD! We applaud you for your exceptional service to the profession of Dentistry!