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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Prediction

Watch for the CCA-controlled Charlestown Town Council to do something truly remarkable to one-up North Kingstown.

Charlestown and NO Kingstown have been running neck and neck to see who can be the most anti-green energy. Both have mounted pitched battles against proposed wind turbine projects and both have slapped a moratorium on accepting any new wind turbine proposals.

But now NO Kingstown has edged into the lead by demanding the state impose a STATEWIDE moratorium on all wind turbine projects. Read about it here. And the “NO” is not a typo – it’s what local NIMBYs like to call the town.

Yes, NO Kingstown has definitely shown that it can not only be ignorant about one of the most promising alternative energy technologies on the market, but that it can have the arrogance to try to impose its retrograde attitudes on the entire state.

Now, I know it’s a challenge, but I have no doubt that the CCA clubhouse is buzzing with plans to take back the lead in the battle against progress. There’s even a rumor afoot that CCA President Kallie Jurgens made a special trip up from her home in Florida to lead the planning.

So, what can CCA come up with to top NO Kingstown? How about a Constitution Convention to make it part of the state Constitution that no new construction project, no matter how meritorious, may be permitted if there is one person within 25 miles who objects? Or a state law banning any wind-energy project that uses technology newer than 17th Dutch-style windmills.

Please help out, here. Send us your ideas for ways that Charlestown can show NO Kingstown who’s better at blowing off wind power by posting your comments.