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Monday, February 14, 2011

UPDATE: OSPRI report on the rich and taxes deemed FALSE

Last month, the Ocean State Policy Research Institute (OSPRI) issued a bombshell report claiming that rich Rhode Islanders were leaving in droves, mostly for Florida, and it was RI's taxes, especially the estate tax, to blame. I talked about that report in the first posting in this blog.

Polifacts analyzed OSPRI's report and what little supporting evidence that was cited in the report and
determined that the report was FALSE. That's a polite way of saying it was a lie.

Several South County Republican and Tea Party candidates in the 2010 used the fairy tale about how we were pushing our sugar daddies out the door against incumbents such as Charlestown's own, Rep. Donna Walsh. Too bad this de-bunking by Politifacts didn't come out earlier.

Incidentally, OSPRI is a "cousin" to the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. We'll explore that lineage in future posts.

author: Will Collette