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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you, Progressive Charlestown readers

It has been a pleasure to serve you
By Will Collette

No matter how the numbers turn out tonight, I just want to say that it has been an honor and a pleasure to be part of presenting Progressive Charlestown to our ever-growing base. Since February 2011 when we started Progressive Charlestown as a small project that would give us a place to vent our thoughts, it has grown into a much bigger thing with a life of its own.

While we were in the middle of dealing with Sandy, the page-view odometer rolled over another milestone when we hit and passed the 400,000 page-view mark. A page view is each occasion when a reader clicks on an article to read it, not just a “hit” where we get a random visitor.

Since we became the major campaign issue for the otherwise intellectually bankrupt Charlestown Citizens Alliance, our numbers have rocketed. Here’s how much: in August, we had 26,864 total page views, an average of just under 900 a day.

In September, the daily average rose to 1,068 and at the end of October, it climbed to 1,315.

Right now, our rolling average is over 1,440. That’s 545 more readers per day – an increase of 61% since the first of August. Thank you, CCA, for all those attack letters in the Westerly Sun, in your e-mails and on your blog. Makes me wish Tom and I were doing Progressive Charlestown for money.

Maybe later. For now, we know we’ve done our best to give you thorough coverage of Charlestown politics, our views and analysis, our snarky humor but most important of all, the proof you can read for yourselves by following the links.

What happens next with Progressive Charlestown depends a lot on you and what you decide today, as well as whether you continue reading Progressive Charlestown after all the dust settles. It also depends on us and how we each see our futures after tomorrow.

But no matter what, it’s been a great adventure and a lot of fun, even getting stalked in supermarkets, having people get up in my face and spraining my fingers hitting the spam key to send anonymous CCA trollers to the spam can.

So thank you all for doing your part to make Charlestown a better place.