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Monday, December 24, 2012


The War On (And For) Christmas
The War On/For Christmas

Two Aquidneck Island residents have two very different mindsets when it comes to the holidays. In Portsmouth, a 25-year-old man reportedly involved his Christmas tree in a fight against a woman. According to reports, he threw the tree onto the porch of the house and allegedly head-butted and slapped her across the face.

The same day in Middletown, a 52-year-old waged war for Christmas when she allegedly tried to kill a 56-year-old man with a knife. She told police she became upset after seeing pictures of Christmas trees on Facebook and realized they had not had a tree in four years. She allegedly told police that all she was trying to do was save Christmas.

Baby Left Behind at Dollar Tree

One Providence mother is definitely not in the running for mother of the year after allegedly leaving her child behind at a Dollar Tree store in Cranston. Employees found the infant abandoned in a stroller at the end of an aisle. After they were unable to find its guardian, they called police and rescue services who brought the baby to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The baby was reportedly lethargic but responsive.

About 30 minutes after police responded to the Dollar Tree, a woman arrived at the police station to report a missing child. Officers quickly put two and two together and arrested the woman on felony charges of cruelty or neglect of a child.

A Blush-Worthy Hiding Place

An arrest from Newport this past week has us asking so many questions, most of which we really don’t want the answers to. Police arrested a 39-year-old woman for drug possession charges after finding a bag of crack on her during a traffic spot.

The woman then allegedly admitted to police she was hiding drugs in her…lady area. At the police station, she reportedly removed a pipe, marijuana and crack from said region.

Indecent Proposal: Cranston Style

Back in 2010, a Connecticut man met a 45-year-old woman online and allegedly began a “sex for money” relationship. According to reports, the Cranston woman told the man she was using the money, about $95,000 total, to start a business in Westerly.

The only problem was the business didn’t actually exist. Instead, the cash went to elective surgery, tanning, liquor, shows, limousines, a $1,000 dog and other items that had nothing to do with opening a business. Police tracked down the woman, who told them she was using the money for an architect and lawyer.

After interviewing the lawyer and architect, officers in Connecticut didn’t buy her story and arrested her. She was released on $200,000 bail and faces two felony charges.