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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Charlestown Dems announce Langevin endorsement

First town committee to endorse our own man of the house
By Will Collette

The Charlestown Democratic Town Committee (of which I am a member) voted to endorse Rep. Jim Langevin's bid for re-election after the Congressman came to Charlestown to ask for the CDTC's support.

Rep. Langevin quoted from my favorite book on politics, "Man of the House," by the late, great Speaker of the House Thomas "Tip" O'Neill (D-MA). In chapter one of the book, O'Neill talks about the art of campaigning. He spoke of running into his former grade school teacher and neighbor Mrs. O'Brien and, during their chat, how she told him that she had planned to vote for him in the upcoming election even though he had not asked her to do so.

Tip relates his shock and how he told her that he couldn't understand her hesitancy since she knew him most of his life, he mowed her lawn and shoveled her front steps.

To which Mrs. O'Brien replied, "Tom, let me tell you something: people like to be asked."

Jim Langevin asked and the CDTC became the first Democratic municipal committee to formally endorse him. 

In their news release, the CDTC cited "Mr. Langevin’s long service to the Second District and to the country, helping to bring programs and businesses to the community that create jobs and enhance the economy. The Committee praised him as a champion for working families, for open access to health care for all, and for his stalwart assistance to the elderly and veterans."