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Saturday, May 17, 2014

VIDEO: Cats are DEFINITELY superior to dogs

And cats can also kick dog-ass

This past week in Bakersfield, California, a cat darted out to pounce a dog that was attacking a 4-year old child named Jeremy. The footage was captured on the family’s home surveillance camera. 

The dog is shown, from different angles, running around the family car, eyeing the child, then attacking him, biting him, and dragging the him from his tricycle.

Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, the family cat, Tara, appears and jumps the dog who runs away immediately. Then Tara follows the dog around the the car to make sure it’s gone.

Jeremy’s mother, ran out several seconds later.

The parents said Jeremy had a few stitches and is fine. This could have been a horrible tragedy if not for, Tara.  She not only saved Jeremy, she risked her own life, as the dog could have easily attacked her and killed her. 

I’d say Tara deserved an extra portion of treats that day – and should every day, for the rest of her life.