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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Matunuck Businesses rally behind the Ocean Mist

Business Owners Support Finnegan’s Quest for Seawall Rebuild
Text and Photos BY TRACEY C. O'NEILL
Ocean MistKingstown - The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council’s (CRMC) June 24 meeting spurred a call to action from local business owners in support of the efforts of Kevin Finnegan to rebuild the existing stone revetment on Town property adjacent to his Ocean Mist on Matunuck Beach Road.

The meeting drew near to 100 concerned residents, supporters and business owners vested in the outcome of the Town’s response presentation given under court ordered remand. The remand required CRMC to further consider the Town’s planned mitigation of adverse environmental impact and use conflicts.

In an interview on Tuesday, Finnegan expressed his concern about the community of Matunuck.
“The problem is that three years ago I was trying to organize this and people would say, ‘They will never close the Ocean Mist – no way,’ said Finnegan. “Now, with the petition, 8,000 signatures, people are getting behind it. [The] people will speak. This is a nice little microcosm of America. This is what should happen.”
The 3 hour meeting was product of  an action filed by Hang Ten, LLC (aka the Ocean Mist) against the Town of South Kingstown, resulting from the town’s intention to build a previously approved 202 ft. sheet pile wall on abutting property now owned by the town.
We should find a solution to the problem for the community as opposed to any one constituent,” - Fran O’Brien
“I’ve been listening to this for several years now,” said Fran O’Brien, owner of Tara’s Tipperary Tavern which sits next door to the Ocean Mist. “It sounds to me that the Town has a problem, that they have to protect the road. That’s a valid problem. The businesses have a problem, they’ve got to protect their businesses.”

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