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Thursday, August 13, 2015

VIDEO: Five Ways America Is Already Socialist

America’s Already Socialist, But Only For The Rich – Not For The 99%

To watch directly on YouTube:

If I wrote that “Bernie Sanders admits to being a socialist,” nobody reading it would need an explanation of the word “admits.” “Socialist” is as dirty a word in US politics as “racist” or “bigot.” 

And for lots of voters, it’s probably even more of a deal-breaker. When a Republican really wants to insult President Obama, for example, he or she calls him a socialist.

The thing is — as the video makes clear — America is already a socialist country, but just quietly, and only for the rich and for corporations. So the insult “socialist” only seems to really apply to things we ask the government to do for the rest of us.

You can share this great video from AJ+ with anyone you know who’s put off by Bernie Sanders being a socialist.

As AJ+ puts it:
Socialism. [As it] turns out the dirtiest word in U.S. politics is as American as apple pie. From the U.S. labor movement to the New Deal to corporate subsidies, America relies on a healthy dose of socialism.
Like it or not, apparently we live in a socialist country.

Robby Berman is a writer, father, and musician. You can Like him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter.