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Thursday, January 21, 2016

New York Daily News: “I’m with Stupid”

By Gryphen 

Courtesy of HuffPo:The New York Daily News blasted Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump, with Wednesday's front page showing a picture of the pair along with the phrase, "I'M WITH STUPID." "Hate minds think alike: Palin endorses Trump," reads the smaller print.

Somebody captured the craziness of Palin's speechifying in a Vine:

The New York Times shares the most mystifying lines from the speech: 

“They stomp on our neck, and then they tell us, ‘Just chill, O.K., just relax.’ Well, look, we are mad, and we’ve been had. They need to get used to it.” 

“And you quit footing the bill for these nations who are oil-rich, we’re paying for some of their squirmishes that have been going on for centuries. Where they’re fighting each other and yelling ‘Allahu akbar,’ calling jihad on each other’s heads forever and ever. Like I’ve said before, let them duke it out and let Allah sort it out.” 

“How about the rest of us? Right-winging, bitter-clinging, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religion, and our Constitution.” 

“Mr. Trump, you’re right, look back there in the press box. Heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. This is going to be so much fun.” 

“In fact it’s time to drill, baby, drill down, and hold these folks accountable.” 

“Well, and then, funny, ha ha, not funny, but now, what they’re doing is wailing, ‘Well, Trump and his Trumpeters, they’re not conservative enough.’ ” 

“And he, who would negotiate deals, kind of with the skills of a community organizer maybe organizing a neighborhood tea, well, he deciding that, ‘No, America would apologize as part of the deal,’ as the enemy sends a message to the rest of the world that they capture and we kowtow, and we apologize, and then, we bend over and say, ‘Thank you, enemy.’ ” 

“He’s got the guts to wear the issues that need to be spoken about and debate on his sleeve, where the rest of some of these establishment candidates, they just wanted to duck and hide. They didn’t want to talk about these issues until he brought ’em up. In fact, they’ve been wearing a, this, political correctness kind of like a suicide vest.”

Damn that is a whole lotta crazy for just one speech.

Earlier we had been told that Palin was joining Trump on the campaign trail in Iowa, but today she was a no show at a rally.

Palin is a no-show at Trump's first event today

— Sara Murray (@SaraMurray) January 20, 2016

Asked about Palin's absence + the apparent conflict w/the campaign press release, spokeswoman says "Did it say she was going on stage?"

— Sara Murray (@SaraMurray) January 20, 2016

And now we are hearing that she and Todd are winging it back to the homestead in order to do a little damage control here in Alaska.

Kind of late for that actually.