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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Must be true because it fits what we believe, say Republicans

If you thought the Republican Party was going to drop their Planned Parenthood witch hunt after the indictment of their criminal “whistleblowers” David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, you don’t know the GOP very well. 

Honest people might back away from the fraudulent baby parts videos and admit they’d been had, but we all know that the right-wing Teapublican lawmakers aren’t the brightest, nor most ethical, crayons in the box. 

Instead of dropping their investigation, lawmakers have decided to keep wasting your tax dollars — all while claiming the country is broke.

According to the Huffington PostRep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) released a letter in the wake of the indictment and assured her fellow pro-fetusers that she would not give up the war against women:
“We will continue to gather information and get the facts about medical practices of abortion service providers and the business practices of the procurement organizations who sell baby body parts. These are issues of importance to the American people. We will study the laws on the books and follow the facts to defend life.”

This is how great the chasm between reality and fiction is for these people. She knows that the videos have been debunked, and yet she continues to insist that the beloved women’s health organization is selling baby parts. 

Not even felony indictments can make her admit that her party was one hundred percent WRONG and she’s not the only one. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and a plethora of other Republicans have all said that they support federal investigations into PP.

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) said he was “disappointed and shocked” by the grand jury’s decision. He even went so far as to defend David Daleiden for his illegal behavior:
“It’s deeply offensive and ridiculous that those who illegally sell aborted human body parts get a pass — while these two pro-life defenders are indicted for using aliases to expose Planned Parenthood’s unlawful and disgusting practices of selling baby body parts. This decision begs the question: how else could they get the truth?”
The real question is: How much proof do Republicans need before they stop attacking Planned Parenthood and women across the country? I guess that’s stupid of me to ask, after all, how many Benghazi hearings have we had?

Perhaps the worst part of all of this is that they really don’t care about decreasing the number of abortions in this country. If they did, they’d support contraception and comprehensive sex education. 

If they were really “pro-life” they’d fully support things like WIC, food stamps, free medical care and free education for all children. What it all really boils down to is that they loathe women and want to punish us in any way they possibly can — even if that means killing us by destroying a health care organization that provides critical care for millions of men too.

Author Shannon Argueta is a married, mother of one and is a speck of blue in the extremely red state of Florida. She became involved in politics after becoming aware of how broken the immigration system is while trying to gain citizenship for her husband. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and is a proud, loud Liberal. In 2012 she volunteered with President Obama's reelection campaign. Come join her on her Facebook page "Angry Liberal Bitch," and tell her how awesome she is.