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Friday, March 4, 2016

“Quintessence of a degraded popular culture”

I watched the GOP presidential debate and found it very depressing.

The main event was the effort by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to pierce Trump’s armor and rattle him. The more they poked at him, the more belligerent he became.

Given the wide lead Trump has, he is likely to be the candidate of the Republican party. This is horrifying. 

To watch him makes me feel frightened for the future of our country. I also listened to him speaking (I think in Maine) in the morning.

He is crude, egotistical, bullying, self-centered, and vulgar. He boasts nonstop about his wealth and power and success. When he spoke to a crowd, he was egomaniacal. His subject is Donald Trump. He is an expert on himself.

In both venues, he made a crude sexual reference. In the morning, he said that Mitt Romney begged for his endorsement in 2012 and would have gone on his knees had Trump asked. The audience roared. During the debate, he made a reference to his male anatomy.

I have been wondering whether Trump is the epitome of the worst of our culture. Is he the product of a culture that worships money, admires avarice, and glories in porn and “the real housewives of…”
I think so. 

He is the quintessence of a degraded popular culture. Washington, Jefferson, Addams, Lincoln and so many others would be appalled.

I can’t imagine him as president. We would be the laughing stock of the world. I imagine him insulting other nations, isolating us in the world. I can’t imagine him with his touchiness and temperament in charge of the nuclear codes.

His behavior is revolting. His braggadocio is appalling. His egomania is disgusting. The idea of Trump as president is too horrible to imagine.