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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

VIDEOS: Should children be armed?

Watch this video on YouTube:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released new videos depicting the danger of guns in children’s hands in response to the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) and the corporate gun industry’s disgusting marketing of guns to children 

The videos depict Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan as victims of gun violence.

A report by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) Start Them Young” — How the Firearms Industry and Gun Lobby Are Targeting Your Children documents how the gun industry and the gun lobby markets guns to children. 

The comprehensive 54 page report lists the many slick approaches marketers use to make guns attractive to children despite the lethal consequences which include mass murder, suicides, fatal unintentional shootings, and  mass murder. The marketing approaches of guns include :

“The promotion of 22 caliber assault rifles that often incorporate plastic in their design (leading to less recoil and lighter weight). The result, according to Shooting Sports Retailer , is guns that ‘bring the coolness and fun of the tactical rifle to kids and less serious shooters.’”
"Marketing guns in child-friendly colors, including: pink rifles and pistols intended for girls and women from a wide range of manufacturers; Smith & Wesson 22 caliber AR-15 style assault rifles in Pink Platinum, Purple Platinum, and Harvest Moon Orange; and youth rifles from Savage Arms that come in crayon-box colors that include red, yellow, orange, and blue.”
“In the search for a gun-based ‘reality video game’ to compete with the appeal of actual video games, the industry has embraced 3-Gun competition, described by one gun writer as being ‘as close to a real-life first person shooter video game as you’ll get without joining the military.’”

Watch this video on YouTube:

The NRA, which is considered the most powerful lobby group in Washington along with other groups that promote violent activities like Israel’s AIPAC, has a leash on Washington GOP politicians despite the fact that its promotion and profiteering off of guns has made America one of the most dangerous countries on the planet.

The Brady Campaign, named after James Brady, who was permanently disabled after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981, is a non-profit organization that has advocated for gun control for decades.