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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weiner wrangle

You can't make this stuff up!
Special note: The size of the pixelation is in no way 

indicative of the size of anything it may 
or may not be hiding

The artist who painted a nude portrait of Donald Trump might be landing in a bit of hot water, due to the fact that Trump is now threatening lawsuits over the artist’s work.

Ilma Gore, the artist who painted the famous nude portrait of Trump, has been getting threats from Trump’s legal team of impending lawsuits – plus they are also issuing Digital Millenium Copyright claims against her via Facebook.

Facebook has actually been conceding to the claims and they have also warned her of legal action under the same premise.

Think about it. Out of the oodles and oodles of Trump pictures online, the only one he can file copyright over is one showing his wiener.

This means that Trump actually is claiming copyright on his penis. 

Let’s think about that for just about five seconds or so…

Ms. Gore told the New York Daily News , “I don’t believe I did anything wrong. It’s my work and I’ll stand by it no matter what.”

Once the image hit the internet, it went instantly viral and has gotten bids for over £100,000 after it went on display this month in London at the Maddox Gallery.

As hilarious as this is, for obvious reasons, Ilma Gore has had some very serious blowback that isn’t funny at all.

Ms. Gore also said that since the image of the painting hit the internet, she has also been receiving many threats of rape, death threats, and had to deal with several stalkers at her home.

It’s typical of a Trump supporter, or even just your average Republican – when a woman does something to make you angry, threaten her with physical violence, terrorism, and death. At least Trump’s supporters are an accurate depiction of the man.

The portrait got a big boost in publicity due to an unexpected development during the Republican primary season.

Ms. Gore painted the portrait in February, but not long after that Trump started bragging about the size of his manhood during presidential debates.

You literally couldn’t buy a better publicizing platform for your work than that.

As I see it, Trump has two options here. He can either claim the painting is defamation by visually proving in court that it misrepresents his genitalia in some disparaging way, or he can enforce copyright by proving it’s identical.

So, what’s it gonna be, Donald?

Featured image via Ilma Gore