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Friday, March 24, 2017

Is Trump crazy?

Donald Trump at this point is known for spewing crazy statements, but in an interview with TIME, The Donald somehow managed to outdo himself in attempting to defend some of his more insane lies.

Asked about his claim that President Obama put a “tapp” on his “wires” at Trump Tower, The Donald explained that he has “articles saying it happened.” 

The random, word salad string of words Trump threw together to support this one is so impressive that Sarah Palin seems like a genius by comparison:
“No, I have, look. I have articles saying it happened. But you have to take a look at what they, they just went out at a news conference. Devin Nunes had a news conference. I mean I don’t know, I was unable to see it, because I am at meetings, but they just had a news conference talking about surveillance. Now again, it is in quotes. That means surveillance and various other things. And the New York Times had a front-page story, which they actually reduced, they took it, they took it the word wiretapping out of the title, but its first story in the front page of the paper was wiretapping. And a lot of information has just been learned, and a lot of information may be learned over the next coming period of time. We will see what happens. Look. I predicted a lot of things that took a little of bit of time. Here, headline, for the front page of the New York Times, “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.” That’s a headline. Now they then dropped that headline, I never saw this until this morning. They then dropped that headline, and they used another headline without the word wiretap, but they did mean wiretap. Wiretapped data used in inquiry. Then changed after that, they probably didn’t like it. And they changed the title. They took the wiretap word out.”

Devin Nunes did indeed have a “news conference” in which he did attempt to push Trump’s lies by pointing out that many of The Donald’s associates had been caught up in perfectly legal “incidental collection” while the FBI and other agencies were looking into foreign suspects. 

Nunes, a prominent member of Trump’s transition team, also completely skipped telling his fellow Russia investigators of this development and ran directly to Mr. 45 with the information.

Though Nunes has previously said there is no evidence that Obama “tapped” Trump’s “wires,” The Donald took the incidental collection of information — a term he admits he does not understand — as proof that he was correct about that dastardly President Obama:
“Well, he just got this information. This was new information. That was just got. Members, of, let’s see, were under surveillance during the Obama Administration following November’s election. Wow. This just came out. So, ah, just came out.”
Trump also told TIME that he will be “proved right” about his wacky claim that three million undocumented immigrants voted for his opponent, swinging the popular vote in Hillary Clinton’s favor. 

Despite the completely false nature of Trump’s allegations, he says he’s “forming a committee on it” and it may be “more than” three million — a “serious problem.”

Asked about his completely unfounded claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated in the streets of New Jersey after 9/11, Trump claimed that it was in the Washington Post. 

Trump even defended his blatantly incorrect claim that Ted Cruz’s father helped kill JFK by saying it was in a “newspaper.” 

It wasn’t, but that didn’t stop him from lying again:
“Well that was in a newspaper. No, no, I like Ted Cruz, he’s a friend of mine. But that was in the newspaper. I wasn’t, I didn’t say that. I was referring to a newspaper. A Ted Cruz article referred to a newspaper story with, had a picture of Ted Cruz, his father, and Lee Harvey Oswald, having breakfast.”
In fact, according to The Donald, he is not responsible for any of his lies because someone else made the numerous false claims elsewhere and he simply repeated them:
“Why do you say that I have to apologize? I’m just quoting the newspaper, just like I quoted the judge the other day, Judge Napolitano, I quoted Judge Napolitano, just like I quoted Bret Baier, I mean Bret Baier mentioned the word wiretap. Now he can now deny it, or whatever he is doing, you know. But I watched Bret Baier, and he used that term. I have a lot of respect for Judge Napolitano, and he said that three sources have told him things that would make me right. I don’t know where he has gone with it since then. But I’m quoting highly respected people from highly respected television networks.”
EDITOR'S NOTE: Fox News has pulled Napolitano from its news lineup after his unverified and debunked claim that British intelligence conducted the Trump surveillance on President Obama's behalf. 

This is perhaps the most insane interview conducted with the President of the United States. You can read the whole thing here.