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Saturday, March 25, 2017

It’s The Republican Way

Fool the Poor & Feed the Rich
By Gracie Lou 

Actually, I don't care if this one dies from lack of health care
Trump supporters fear immigrants, but seem to have no concern about dying from a lack of healthcare.

The skill with which political forces manipulate public opinion is how elections are won and lost. 

When fear-mongering is part of that, people can actually be convinced that they’re more likely to suffer or die at the hand of an immigrant, than from a treatable disease. The scary part is how easily voters will throw away logic and dive into the deception.

One doesn’t have to dig too deeply beneath the piles of propaganda to discover who wins and who loses in fear-based campaigns. 

However, follow the money, and an Internet search remain proven paths to the truth.

No, Immigrants Are Not Likely To Kill You

As Business Insider points out, “Compared to the threat posed by refugee terrorists — which the president’s executive order is allegedly designed to curtail — the data suggest the typical American is:
  • 6 times more likely to die from a shark attack (one of the rarest forms of death on Earth)
  • 29 times more likely to die from a regional asteroid strike
  • 260 times more likely to be struck and killed by lightning
  • 4,700 times more likely to die in an airplane or spaceship accident
  • 129,000 times more likely to die in a gun assault
  • 407,000 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle incident
  • 6.9 million times more likely to die from cancer or heart disease”
Yes, Your Chances Of Dying Sooner Are Higher Without Healthcare

It almost seems stupid to not figure this one out without a bunch of charts and graphs. The Kaiser Family Foundation has a lot of them here. However, common sense and personal experience should be all the data you need.

It’s safe to say that just about every American has, or knows someone, who has been unable to afford life-saving medication or treatment for a curable condition.

Lack Of Facts Are The Real Killers

According to the Harvard Gazette, in 2009, prior to the Affordable Care Act, 45,000 Americans died each year because they couldn’t afford healthcare.

If 45,000 Americans died each year from terrorist or immigrant attacks, you can bet the problem would be immediately addressed with an Act of Congress.

But Congress doesn’t seem to care about that, based on the Trumpcare debacle coming from the Granny-staving Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, and his punish-the-poor Obamacare ‘replacement.’

This is where follow the money comes in.

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.