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Friday, April 6, 2018

At the Mystic Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what your spirit dinosaur would be? Maybe you're a T-rex - the prehistoric boss - or a 100 foot long Brachiosaurus that was a true gentle giant.
In honor of this weekend's opening of Jurassic Giants: A Dinosaur Adventure, you can now discover your dino by taking our Jurassic Giants personality test! 

Once you've found your dino doppelganger, be sure to visit Jurassic Giants: A Dinosaur Adventure and snap a selfie with your dinosaur alter-ego!



From the late Cretaceous period, the Suchomimus, which name means "crocodile mimic," used its foot-long claws on each thumb to catch fish. This dinosaur walked on two legs and had a long, flat snout resembling that of a crocodile. Another unique feature of this dino's anatomy was the distinctive retractable sail found on its lower back.

Encounter the Suchomimus along with 11 other animatronic dinosaurs in Jurassic Giants, opening this Saturday!

It's safe to say that most dinosaurs had a rather large footprint...

However, unlike the dinosaurs, we want to reduce the size of our footprints on the planet - carbon footprints, that is. Here are a few small changes you can make today that will help make a huge impact for tomorrow:
  • Add solar panels to the roof of your home to help reduce energy carbon emissions
  • When driving, keep a consistent speed and travel at the designated speed limit
  • Shop local and diversify your diet by including less meat and dairy products - this helps to reduce the use and emission of fossil-fuels