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Monday, May 28, 2018

Morgan says guns have more rights than people

Joins Filippi and Price in opposition to sensible gun control
By Will Collette

Image result for senator elaine morgan
Machine-gun Morgan stands alone
fighting sensible gun laws
Last week, the Rhode Island Senate showed rare courage by bucking the gun lobby to approve companion bills to House legislation banning “bump stocks” and allowing the courts to take away the guns of dangerous individuals.

The Senate vote was 33 to 1. The one “NO” vote was cast by Republican wingnut Sen. Elaine Morgan who represents the northern half of Charlestown.

She joins her fellow local Republican village idiots Reps. Blake Filippi and Justin Price who cast NO votes against the same legislation in the House.

The legislation goes on to the Governor who is sure to sign them into law after a final, pro forma vote in the House.

Morgan said she voted NO because "I see it violating our constitutional rights…I want to keep our kids safe, that's definitely what we need to do. But I don't see anything in this bill to keep our kids safe."

So, to be clear, Morgan believes no children are protected by banning devices that prevent conversion of semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic machine guns, like the kind used in the Las Vegas massacre.

Morgan believes no children are protected when a court, upon hearing credible evidence, takes away the guns of a person who poses a threat to others.

Morgan says that instead, this is “violating our constitutional rights.”

Yet the Supreme Court has already ruled the Second Amendment is NOT unconditional when it upheld the ban on private ownership of machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, bazookas, grenades, cannons and yes, even assault rifles (before Congressional Republicans allowed the federal ban on assault rifles to expire).

The Court has also approved laws that prohibit gun ownership by those considered unfit to own them such as 1980’s Lewis v. United States decision that felons did not have the right to bear arms.

I doubt Morgan has a clue about these court decisions because they don’t fit her pre-packaged, bite-sized right-wing views. 

Morgan’s relatively short political career has been largely one of hopping from one ignorant, uninformed position to another. She has embarrassed Rhode Island and her own constituent towns in the process.

Here’s to November 6 when we hopefully get to change that.