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Monday, January 6, 2020

Mageau blasts Trump’s impeachment

How much Kool-Aid® can one man drink?
By Will Collette

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Just before New Year’s Day, famous Charlestown curmudgeon Jim Mageau wrote another pro-Trump letter to the editor of the Westerly Sun, this time attacking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Mageau has definitely completed his transformation from a self-described “life-long” Democrat (albeit a very conservative one) to a Kool-Aid® loving Trumpnik.

Along the way, Jim has lost much of his originality. In years past, we could look forward to amusing Mageauisms that added new twists to Charlestown’s political vocabulary. But since he turned Trumpnik, he largely relies on Faux News talking points.

Those right wingnut talking points are pretty much nonsense because they are trying to defend the indefensible.

The two articles of impeachment – (1) abuse of power exemplified by Trump’s attempt to extort Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election, and (2) obstruction of Congress exemplified by Trump’s stonewalling on Congressional subpoenas for witnesses and documents – are facts.

When you don’t have the facts and don’t have the law, you argue process and you mount personal attacks on your opponents. Mageau’s December 30 letter is a classic example of that approach.

Below, I have done a point-by-point rebuttal to Mageau’s pro-Trump, anti-Pelosi arguments. As usual, my comments are in bold red.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Westerly Sun: Pelosi’s actions should be remembered in 2020
By James M. Mageau
 Dec 30, 2019 Updated Dec 31, 2019

Speaker Nancy Polosi [SIC] said it was important to rush the impeachment of President Trump through the House of Representatives. That was obviously a blatant lie.

NO, Donald Trump was and continues to be a threat to democracy and our national security. 

He has already openly tried to recruit foreign assistance to undermine the 2020 election and has continued to favor Russian interests over American. The impeachment necessarily served to put this in front of the American people in a way no other action can. 

But a sham impeachment trial in the Senate where a Trump acquittal is already guaranteed by Senate GOP leader Moscow Mitch McConnell would only serve to undo the factual case the Democrats in the House have built.

If it was so important to rush it through then why isn’t she sending the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate so it can proceed with a timely trial?

Instead, she has decided to hold them and not send them over until the Senate adopts rules of procedure that she agrees with.

Speaker Pelosi is again making it clear to the American people that Trump and Senate Republicans - in particular Moscow Mitch McConnell - that she will not simply go along with a sham trial in the Senate. 

Jim, you yourself wrote in your last Sun Letter to the Editor that the outcome in the Senate is a foregone conclusion. Ms. Pelosi does not want to play Moscow Mitch’s game.

She is now engaging in an abuse of power, extortion and a “quid pro quo” That’s the exact same thing that the Democrat’s initially accused President Trump of doing, which started the impeachment inquiry.

Her hypocrisy is an affront and should not be ignored. It’s a double standard that goes to the heart of the lies involved in this side show. It also illustrates how unfair the president is being treated.

Current GOP strategy includes trying to create a false equivalence between Trump’s attempts to extort Ukraine into illegal interference with the 2020 election and Speaker Pelosi demands that the Senate conduct a trial with at least some semblance of fairness.

As to this “heart of the lies,” what the hell are you talking about? Trump’s own “transcript” of his call with the Ukrainian president and his own words confirm his guilt. 

His own Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said they do these kind of dirty deals all the time and that we should all “get used to it.”

Jim – show us the facts to back up your claims or STFU.

Rhode Island’s two Congressmen, Jim Langevin and David Cicillini [SIC], both have been part of this circus from the outset. They have “gone along to get along” and voted to impeach President Trump, disregarding the fact that it will disenfranchise the 181,000 Rhode Islanders who voted for him.

WRONG, Jim. Impeachment and removal does not disenfranchise anyone. Impeachment is the Founding Fathers’ Constitutional remedy for a rogue president.

As for the 181,000 (actually 180,543) RI voters who voted for Trump, how about the 252,525 voters who supported Hillary? But the vote count is irrelevant – impeachment is a post-election remedy for a president who has gone off the rails.

That should be enough to give us pause before voting in the 2020 elections. The question is do we elect representatives who respect the votes of the state’s minority electorate or do we elect a couple of “court jesters” who go along to get along and perform in political side shows?

Jim – I can see that you have an odd way of looking at elections. The “minority electorate” managed to vote in enough key districts in the Midwest to give Trump a win in the Electoral College even though he LOST the 2016 national election by almost 3 million votes.

Trump lost Rhode Island by 72,000 votes.

After Trump’s disastrous three years in office, I think the minority electorate has gotten more than they are entitled to. Now it’s time to remove the certifiable lunatic they “elected” to office and begin the long job of fixing the damage he has caused.

James M. Mageau

About the only thing you don't have to fact-check in any given Mageau screed is his name and address.