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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Vote for Jennifer Douglas for State Senate, District 34

Smart, Dedicated. Principled

By Aaron Regunberg

We have just two weeks to help progressive candidates beat some truly hateful Republican incumbents, both nationally and right here at home. 

One of those incredible candidates is Jen Douglas, who is running for state senate that includes the northern half of Charlestown, as well as Richmond, Hopkinton, and Exeter in southwest Rhode Island.

Jen Douglas is a lifelong Rhode Islander, a single mom, a health care worker, and a truly committed activist. 

As a senator, Jen will be a champion for a living wage, and -- with her professional health background -- a huge asset to our fight for universal healthcare.

A win by Jen will also serve as a powerful rebuke to the kind of xenophobic hate that the far right has made so horrifyingly common in politics today. That's because she's running against Republican senator Elaine Morgan.

I first got a sense of Morgan's values several years ago during a drive to ensure state leaders would take a welcoming approach to refugees fleeing war and violence in Syria.

 While so many in our community were embracing our shared responsibility to support those in greatest need, Morgan released a statement saying, "I think our country is under attack. I think this is a major plan by these countries to spread out their people to attack all non Muslim persons," and went on to describe Muslims and refugees in ways that are too disgusting to repeat.

Having legislators who spew this kind of hate is a stain on our entire state government -- and Jen Douglas is running to change that. Here's how we can help her win:

1. Contribute. I remain so grateful to everyone who has donated to my campaigns in the past, and I'm asking you to make that same investment in Jen by contributing here.

2. Volunteer. Whether it's knocking on doors or making phone calls, grassroots organizing can make all the difference in a race like this. You can sign up to volunteer with Jen's campaign here.

We must send a message this November that we reject hate and xenophobia. And I can't think of a better way to do that here in Rhode Island than by replacing Trump's local acolytes with committed community leaders like Jen Douglas.

One last reminder, we're still holding virtual phonebanks for the Biden-Harris campaign every Wednesday evening! If you'd like to make calls to battleground states in these last two weeks, you can register here.