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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Charlestown weather alert

Very high pollen count, serious danger of wildfires

By Will Collette

Sunny, breezy April days are a joy, except there are some prices we pay for the nice weather.

One is very elevated pollen counts as all our local trees start to bud. forecasts very high pollen counts in Charlestown for the next five days as the chart below shows.

The top allergens here are birch, maple and juniper. Remember that your face mask may do more than offer COVID protection - it could also catch pollen particles as well.

Fire hazard

The National Weather Service issued this notice about fire danger that applies to today. There is a 60% chance of rain on Wednesday, but the rest of the week should be sunny, dry and breezy, ideal conditions for brush fires.

Here's the NWS warning: