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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Important events this week


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Fellow Residents of Charlestown, 

We have a couple important things on the calendar this week:

·     The public hearing on Charlestown's proposed budget will be on Monday, May 2.

·     Another vote on an amended Chariho Schools budget will be held on Thursday, May 5. 

The budget hearing will be at our town hall starting at 7 pm on Monday, May 2. The budget to be discussed can be seen here. 

The first vote for the Chariho School budget, on April 5, failed to pass. Charlestown voted in favor, but not by enough to offset the rejection votes in Richmond and Hopkinton. Charlestown had the lowest voter turnout, by far, of the three towns. 

Town            Yes    No

Charlestown 286    133 

Hopkinton     260    474 

Richmond     269    455 

Total              815  1062 

The School Committee reduced the proposed budget and it goes up for vote again on May 5. 

Please get out and vote: polls are open from 8 am – 8 pm On Thursday, May 5, at the Charlestown Town Hall, 4540 South County Trail. 

Updated information from Chariho about the budget and referendum can be viewed here. 

A long resource of Frequently Asked Questions is available here. 

Remember, your vote counts! 



Jodi Frank,

Charlestown Residents United





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