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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Magaziner blasts Fung for misleading statement on Roe v. Wade

Allen Fung DOES NOT support a woman's right to choose 

In response to the disastrous SCOTUS decision, Republican Allan Fung said: "Despite today's SCOTUS decision, nothing will change here in Rhode Island after the 2019 codification of Roe protections,” neglecting to mention he opposed the 2019 law that codified Roe protections in Rhode Island state law.  

General Treasurer and congressional candidate Seth Magaziner issued the following statement in reaction to Fung’s misleading remarks: 


“Allan Fung has consistently shown that he will not stand up for RI women.  And make no mistake: if the Republicans take control of Congress, they will pass a federal abortion ban that would override the state-level protections for reproductive choice that so many of us fought for.”


More About Fung’s Record on Choice:

·         In 2018, Allan Fung said he opposed the bill codifying Roe v. Wade in Rhode Island. [APNews, 10/16/18]

·         In 2014, Fung was endorsed by RI Right to Life, a group that wants to make abortion illegal. [Projo, 9/25/2014]

·         Just last month, Fung told Gene Valicenti, “ I am not all the way there on pro-choice." Turn to 10, May 15, 2022.