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Friday, June 17, 2022

CCA publishes Flip’s lament

Filippi makes belated pitch for shoreline access bill

By Will Collette

This fence across the beach is from the Block Island Times. The photo was taken by the Block Island Land Trust. Who put up this fence? It was BLAKE FILIPPI!

The Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) published an open letter from Rep. Blake “Flip” Filippi where he makes the pitch to every reader to contact their state senator to ask them to save House Bill 8055. Flip is a co-sponsor for this bill which is about to die in the Senate after passing the House unanimously last week.

This letter is, as usual for Flip, too little, too late. Serious efforts to actually get legislation passed usually means you line up a sponsor in the other House – in this case the Senate – to expedite passage and you do that at the beginning of the process, not the very end.

Flip skipped that step and having only a few days left in this General Assembly virtually dooms passage, regardless of the merits of the bill.

Why he didn’t ask Sen. Dennis Algiere (R-Westerly) or Sen. Sue Sosnowski (D-SK) to co-sponsor a Senate bill?

As for the merits, even the CCA understands that this bill only addresses “lateral passage,” which is walking along the beach. It does nothing to resolve such barriers to beach access as parking, lack of public access to the beach and rigid enforcement by fake fire districts such as Shady Harbor and Central Quonnie.

Here's Blake Filippi's Ballards blocking the access route to
the beach using a dumpster and a car. The Block Island FD
said that if they needed access they would take their equipment
through Ballard's dining room unless Filippi removed this
obstacle. Source: Block Island Times using photos from the
Block Island Land Trust. Read the story HERE.
Plus, there is no mention of Filippi’s past history as a shoreline access abuser at his own shoreline properties on Block Island that include running a fence across the beach and down to the water, blocking “lateral access” and moving a dumpster to block beach access to Block Island’s fire and rescue.

These abuses were documented in the Block Island Times HERE. The photos in this article are from the Block Island Times.

Filippi has been able to count on the CCA’s unqualified support even though he has failed the town time and again. In fact, Flip’s entire tenure in the House has been a monument to failure.

And now the CCA gives Flip a platform to try to preserve his tattered reputation by blaming the Senate when it is his own special brand of sloppy legislating that is to blame for yet another betrayal of the public trust.

Here’s what the CCA ran on its website:

Blake Filippi: “Act Now to Preserve Shoreline Access Rights”

Outside Source/Charlestown Rhode IslandMailbox0 Comments

We received the following message from Charlestown’s State Representative Blake Filippi. Lateral access is guaranteed in the Rhode Island Constitution and recent legislation to define where that access takes place unanimously passed the RI House, but it is currently stalled in the RI Senate. The message below explains how to contact your RI Senator.

Dear Neighbors,

Our legislative session is about to end and the Senate has not voted on House Bill 8055, a bill to preserve our constitutional shoreline access rights for future generations.

The current legal boundary separating the private upland beach from the public waterside beach is the “mean high tide line” – which is the average of all high-tides over an 18+ year period.

This is an impossible standard that has led to much confusion and conflict, and in many places, has rendered the public beach non-existent.

H8055 demarcates the new boundary between public and private beaches as the recognizable high tide line, plus 6 feet. H8055 can be found by clicking here: H8055.

The House passed H8055 on June 2nd in a 65-0 vote. Now it is time for the Senate to ACT!

Please contact your Senator now and tell them it is time for an up or down vote! FIND YOUR SENATOR HERE.

Together we can get H8055 across the finish line!

Thank you,
Blake Filippi